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Kaleidoscope of vodka

The visionary behind KALOSEager to conquer the corporate world and make an impact, Dajuan Pulliam (Mr.docp) has always been incredibly ambitious. The man who is now heralded as a well-renowned businessman and Founder/Chief Executive Officer of Kalos Vodka, recalls his first steps toward entrepreneurship at the tender age of 11. While his friends were busy playing with toys and video games, Mr. Pulliam was collecting cans he would later recycle for capital. After earning a profit from the recycled items, he would then buy other things and multiply the money!

As he grew older, Mr. Pulliam excelled through high school right into Merced Junior college. It was only two years after that he was appointed into the US Army and further went on to become a distinguish soldier of the ‘The Old Guard’ in Washington D.C. Despite such honorable accolades, he wanted more so he honorably discharged himself to build something of his own.
Needless to say, Mr. Pulliam had always yearn for knowledge and he believed that the best way to develop his business acumen skills was by getting a Master’s degree in business from the University of Southern California. Therefore, being inherently creative and diligent, he was able to develop many profitable ventures over time. These businesses are driven by passion but KALOS™ Vodka assumes a special position. The brand is an extension of the founder’s intimate adventures and tremendous business experiences.


Our Vision KALOS™ Vodka strives to unite people who believe in the power of boundless creativity and free-thinking. We are a community-oriented brand that emphasizes premium designs, extravagant quality, and unbeatable service. As part of our promise to the people, we reserve an uncompromisable portion of our resources and efforts to empower at least one individual every single day!


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